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Have my cake, and eat it too…

This is the first in a series of posts about my favourite restaurants and cafes in Bengaluru, and by rights, this first post has to be about the cafe and patisserie that has been my haven, for more than a year, now. When I…

I scream for ice cream!

The one thing that you can be sure of finding in Bangalore, is yummy ice cream. From oldie goldies like Lakeview Milk Bar, Corner House and Swenson’s to natural ice creams to the new fangled stone pounded ice creams, you can get delicious ice…

For the love of Sushi…

I discovered sushi rather late in life, and I have to admit that I only eat vegetarian sushi. Vegetarian options for sushi are limited, but, they are so yummy 😋 From California rolls, stuffed with avocado, cucumber and mushrooms to Maki rolls of cucumber…

A green haven…

I just love going to cafes, especially if there’s a laid back and welcoming vibe to the place. Bangalore is full of tiny bungalows and colonial houses turned into cafes. That kind of ambience hooks me right in. Green Theory, at Residency Road, is…

Eclair, I declare!

I had read rave reviews about Lavonne during the great cake quest, which you can read about, here . But, after all the false leads, I was reluctant to try out any more patisseries in Bangalore. Once I found one that I liked, I happily…

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