When it rains…

A rainy day is really made for women to express their grief. 

When it rains, you can walk in the rain with tears running down your face. With your hair sopping wet and hanging down your head like rats’ tails, no one can tell if it’s not the rain that’s made your mascara run. 

When it rains so heavily that fat raindrops relentlessly batter the asbestos sheets covering the roof above your head, the two-piece orchestra made by the thunder and the drumroll of rain on your roof, safely allows you to let loose and sob your heart out without anyone else hearing it.

At the same time, a rainy day is also made for people in love. There’s no better way to get closer to your beloved than under the pretext of sharing an umbrella. So what if one of you has a spare umbrella stowed out of sight? All’s fair in love and war, even when it rains.

A rainy day is absolutely made for kids.

When it rains, they push back the hoods of their raincoats when their mothers are distracted while crossing the road, and feel the spray of rain on their naughty little faces. 

When it rains, they have the perfect excuse to ditch their studies and hold boat races across puddles, with their favourite paper boats.

When it rains, their mothers also have the perfect excuse to ignore their diets and fry some spicy hot pakodas.

When it rains, stars change their alignment, and star-crossed lovers get a chance to come together again – whether it’s a chance meeting in the waiting room of a railway station, or under the shelter of a bus stop, or even when they duck into a café to escape the rain.

When it rains, a fighting couple might forget their quarrels and remember the first time they kissed in the rain. They might even call a truce, long enough for an action replay.

When it rains, an old couple might pull out a DVD of their favourite movie starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis, and hum along to “Pyaar hua, ikraar hua”.

Sometimes, when it rains, a tired writer, who doesn’t know what to write, might make herself a cup of piping hot ginger tea, and sit down to tell the tale of what all can happen when it rains.

I’m participating in the #WordsMatter Blog Hop, and was tagged for this by Reema D’Souza who writes at The Write World. In turn, I’m tagging Dr. Amrita Basu of Healthwealthbridge. There are 42 bloggers participating in this Blog Hop that’s spread over 3 days – 6, 7 and 8 September 2019. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop. Happy reading!





57 Comments on “When it rains…

  1. A delightful piece of writing, dear Apeksha! See what the rains can inspire in you, me and the many others, all of us with our unique set of struggles, looking for the right words at the right time! Well done!!

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  2. Aw that’s a sweet one. I thought it was going to be a sad piece but I came away with a smile. I hope the ‘tired writer’ felt refreshed with a sense of achievement after finishing the post :-).

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  4. Lovely, reading about all the possibilities of rainfall. If this is a tired writer’s work, can imagine how the work of a perked up writer maybe. Anyways, thanks for reminding me of the song, ‘ pyar hua, ikraar hua’.

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  5. Rains bring such massive waves of nostalgia to the fore… there are these overwhelming feelings of love, loss, happiness and sadness that come alive when it rains!! Loved reading your post, Apeksha!

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  6. Loved it. A lot of things to do in the rain for sure 🙂

    If the tired writer is like you, most likely she’d go off to a certain cafe, eat a “handbag” and relax I think 😉

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  7. Oh, you reminded me of so many memories, Apeksha! What a delight this post was! My favorite rain song would be Tip tip barsa pani 😛 Thanks for joining the blog hop again. Hope you have fun 🙂

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  8. what lovely images your words conjured up. I like how you share sorrow and love at the same time. We really can’t separate one from the other can we?

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  9. Funny how a prompt the size of a raindrop sometimes opens the floodgates better than a prompt with details of how the dam was built. 🙂 Lovely post. I’m so enjoying everyone’s take on rain, and how they experience it in so many different ways.

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  10. Your post reminds me of the song, “Ab ke saawan, aise barse..” by Shubha Mudgal. Remember that video?
    If we were to look at it from this angle, the rains are such supporters of romance and happiness, right?

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  11. Beautiful Apeksha darling, written and explained so well , loved reading the same – God bless you and keep up your initiative and passion .

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  12. Paper boat competitions were my absolute favourite growing up! I managed to win one as well 🙂
    This was a lovely piece Apeksha. In very few words you showed how varied life can be.

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  13. Brings back so many memories, Apeksha. Rainy days in childhood when we sneaked in some raindrops during our walks to the school, walking under the umbrella with my hubby before he became my hubby – those memories have such sweetness that no rain can wash away. Of course, the last bit is so true as you have proved here. ❤️

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  14. Happy birthday Apeksha.
    Your post felt like a documentary and I could see the pictures through your words, rolling one scene after the other. It was a great watch in the theater of my mind!

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