For the love of Sushi…

I discovered sushi rather late in life, and I have to admit that I only eat vegetarian sushi.

Vegetarian options for sushi are limited, but, they are so yummy 😋

From California rolls, stuffed with avocado, cucumber and mushrooms to Maki rolls of cucumber or avocado, coated with sticky rice and rolled in seaweed, I will eat them all.

Bangalore has quite a few Japanese restaurants and I’m on a mission to try them all. I’ve already been to Matsuri (which I think, is the gold standard in sushi),  Misu (which is pan-Asian) and Sakae (which serves the best curry udon).

This time, I tried Harima, which came highly recommended.


There’s a lovely Japanese feel to the place. One area has the traditional Horigotatsu seating, where you sit on a recessed floor, at a low table. The rest of the place has western style seating.



Very quick and friendly.

The staff began our service by offering the traditional wet napkin/tissue. The complimentary green tea was delicious.


I ordered a plate of California Rolls and a portion of Yasai no tempura , deep fried veggies in tempura batter, with a dipping sauce.

The hubby ordered the bento meal, with chicken teriyaki and sliced pork, miso soup, salad and sticky rice.

Dessert was a bowl of green tea ice cream.


The sushi was yummy 😋, and so was the bento meal, especially the potato and radish-lettuce salads. I’d want to make a meal of just the sushi and the salads. The pickled ginger that came with the sushi was really good.

The tempura-fried veggies and the green tea ice cream were a disappointment, though. We really didn’t like them. Maybe they’re an acquired taste, but, this is not a taste I want to acquire any time soon.

One-time eat or repeat?

For me, this was a one-time visit. I can get great sushi and set meals in a lot of other places. We didn’t like two out of the four dishes we ordered. So, I won’t bother going to Harima again.



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