Eclair, I declare!

I had read rave reviews about Lavonne during the great cake quest, which you can read about, here . But, after all the false leads, I was reluctant to try out any more patisseries in Bangalore. Once I found one that I liked, I happily ended my quest. Fast forward one whole year, and as I was driving past St. Marks Road, I saw a familiar name on a storefront.

Yes! Lavonne has opened a new cafe at St. Mark’s road, and I was feeling adventurous enough to check it out. Let me just say that normally, these crazy impulses always get me into trouble. Not this time.



It is a small cafe, but, cozy, with a very French feel. The display case, especially, makes you feel like you’ve wandered into a Parisian cafe, the likes of which you’ve only seen on travel shows. I was half expecting an eccentric French chef to come bustling out of the kitchen, to school me in basic pastry etiquette.


There wasn’t any French chef, but, Lavonne has a very friendly and attentive staff. Service was quick and efficient.


We ordered a BBQ onion, tomato and feta Danish, along with a pulled pork burger and a vegetarian sandwich, that came with a side of wafers and the house salad.


For dessert, we ordered a dark chocolate Eclair and a Black Forest Petit.



My days of missing the Pain au Chocolat and breakfast Danishes from Theobroma are over. I have finally settled into Bangalore. The food was simply delicious. My sandwich was full of flavour, yet, light on the tummy. Same with Hubby’s burger. The salad was citrusy and fresh. But, it was the cake that… well… literally took the cake.

The Eclair was amazing, with the lightest Choux pastry that I’ve ever eaten. The chocolate quality was superb. The Black Forest Petit was a delightful surprise. It turned my idea of a typical Black Forest cake completely on its head. The tangy cherry exterior perfectly balanced the dark chocolate under it and it all tied well with the cracker at the base.

One-time eat or repeat?

Not to sound geeky or anything, but, eat and repeat to the power of infinity!

One Comment on “Eclair, I declare!

  1. Great compilation! and all those photos…
    I must tell you, I am a big foodie. I love to eat and try out new cuisines. After reading your posts back to back I am hungry all of a sudden. 🙂 I will definitely visit some of the places you’ve mentioned whenever I get a chance.


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