A green haven…

I just love going to cafes, especially if there’s a laid back and welcoming vibe to the place. Bangalore is full of tiny bungalows and colonial houses turned into cafes. That kind of ambience hooks me right in.

Green Theory, at Residency Road, is one such place.

Set in a lane covered with a thick canopy of trees, a lane moreover, where you’re always sure of finding a place to park (a precious commodity in Bangalore), this purely vegetarian cafe is the kind of place where you’d happily spend hours, curled up with a book. Plus, it is pet-friendly!


Green Theory lives up to its name, with lush greenery all around.

The outdoor seating is spectacular, especially the covered seating with plush sofas around a low table.


The staff is very helpful, to the extent of telling us where they get their delicious sweet chilli sauce from (The hubby promptly ordered a bottle, it was that yum!)

Service is good and quick.


I’ve been here twice, so far.

The first time, we ordered the Green Theory global sampler, that had Avocado Bruschetta, Sichuan Lotus root, Veg Mille Fille, Cottage cheese satay and Jalapeño and cheese cigars, served with sweet chilli sauce. We also ordered a margarita pizza and a slice of gooey chocolate gateau.


The next time we went, we planned to order the above as starters, rather than the sampler. They were out of Avocado Bruschetta, so, we ordered Desi nachos, two portions of Papdi chaat Tarts, Jalapeño and cheese cigars and Sichuan Lotus root.

We also took home a double chocolate cookie, an oats and raisin cookie, two almond cookies and a garlic roll.


The Bruschetta, Jalapeño and cheese cigars, Sichuan Lotus root and the Gooey chocolate gateau were really yum! So were the Papdi chaat Tarts and Desi nachos. Will definitely order all of these, again.

The Veg Mille Fille was a little odd, because the pastry was sweet…ish and the filling was savoury. Didn’t like it much. The pizza and the Cottage cheese satay were nothing to write home about.

As for the stuff that we took home, the almond cookie was so-so. The double chocolate and the oats and raisin cookies were quite tasty, only, they’d be even better if they were slightly more gooey. The garlic roll was really yummy, the perfect accompaniment for a steaming bowl of soup.

One-time eat or repeat?

Eat and repeat, for sure! Green Theory is one place that I will definitely visit again and again.




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